The Book

Innovation has become a sort of buzzword: everybody talks about it because it is fashionable and it is perceived as the only concrete way to business sustainability during our ever changing turbulent times.Often it is confused with creativity and even more frequently it is addressed in vague inconclusive terms. The aim of this book is to bring entrepreneurial and managerial clarity on concepts and practices regarding the actual implementation of innovative projects. This is done through concrete insights rising from actual motorsport and automotive experiences. Both fields cannot afford creativity in itself, they need to rapidly transform it into innovation. A thesis of the book is that creativity turns into innovation only when it generates results on track and on balance sheets. It is a pragmatic approach inspired by actual interviews with global protagonists in both fields as well as eye opening anecdotes and project profiles. A new practical spotlight on innovation is set by perspectives brought in from real life experiences of visionary manufactures, focused technical experts, passionate drivers. A Fast Track to effective innovation is possible and for all-size-budgets.