Meeting and Interview with Chetan Maini (CEO & Founder Mahindra Rewa)

We have meet at the Mahindra Reva headquarters close to Bangalore (India) the CEO & Founder Chetan Maini. He has an impressive track record as innovator (well recognised in USA, Europe and India), related to one of the very first electric cars he has conceived, the Reva. An electric car that still nowadays features unique innovative solutions that go well beyond the technical ones,  involving marketing, sales and customer service.


The manufacturing plant that we have visited features unique sustainability structural innovations as well with an integrated green plant.


Chetan Maini is also directly involved as Director to the development of the Mahindra Racing Formula E project that for the 2nd championship of the series (2015 – 2016) will feature an engine with Mahindra Reva very own technology.


The conversation is on-going on many perspectives and we plan to spend time with the Mahindra Racing team while in action on track.

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