Our area of expertise is in ‘the business of motorsport’. 

We have an extensive knowledge pool, and business network, within global motorsport and have a track record in delivering world-class motorsport projects and business development support for motorsport SME’s. (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Our offer helps your company to develop concrete business by:

  • helping you identify what your company does well and what it finds more challenging finding pragmatic ways to manage around them; 
  • becoming aware on whether you are leveraging your know-how to maximum effect. We will  firstly help you identify your know how and secondly help identify where else in the marketplace it could be used;
  • helping your company to identify new opportunities to utilise your know-how in new sectors of the marketplace;
  • offering detailed help with market research for new marketplaces;
  • helping your company to leverage at best on your brand in new markets;
  • helping you sell your know-how, and relevant products and services, into international markets by utilising our extensive global motorsport network;
  • helping you to identify and access sources of funding to fuel your company growth.

For further information and queries: Riccardo Paterni