WANTED: Innovative Value Adding Propositions to Motorsport

Recently an article on AUTOSPORT by Ed Straw by the title “Is Motorsport sleepwalking to doom?”  addressed a topic that in many ways is troubling many of us: Motorsport does have problems that go even well beyond the financial ones, they often go to the very roots of it, to its identity related to its present and future. Currently Motorsport seems confined in a tunnel: the exit is still not yet in sight yet the speed needs to be kept high and the driving does not allow for any sort of mistake.


That exit can be made closer with Innovative approaches to creating New Value Adding Propositions. Prepositions that recognise fully the social, economic, technological and communication factors having a market impact on Motorsport, prepositions that need to arise from a proactive mindset rather than a reactive one.

Motorsport needs to be awakened through innovative ways to assert its value added in terms of sport, technology and entertainment from two perspectives: top-down (more visionary planning taking into consideration the key element that fuels it: fans) and bottom-up (each one of us, passionate about it, working on it, need to find a way to contribute in a positive proactive way).

Out of these approaches, new sustainable business models are needed to develop along this line Motorsport in regards to several series and several venues. The foundations of these business models are addressed in the book with concrete examples.


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